For certain routers, IP address is the default location for the device. Users can modify the settings of their routers or access points here. Devices from Senao, Phillips, and other companies default to this address. However, any Internet-enabled device on the local network can be assigned to this address. A single machine should be assigned to a given IP address at once, though.

More Information On Router IP Address

While on a local network, typing in this address will bring users to a login screen. They can then access their router’s settings with the right username and password.

Then again, a redirect error will appear if nothing is assigned to that IP address. Accessing that address on a device outside the network won’t direct to the same router, though. The address can be reassigned to other devices, too.

Individuals that modify their router’s settings frequently are quite knowledgeable with IP address today. Millions of devices have this IP address by default after all. In the end, the average person visits this location to change their router’s password or troubleshoot networking problems. Few addresses are more common than this one, but it only works on local networks for routers and access points.

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