If you or your family have multiple devices like smart phones, tablets, or laptops, you’ll need to buy a wireless router to do things like stream movies, share files, and play games online. Your router will have an IP address on your network such as Think of it as a sort of traffic cop who makes everything run smoothly between devices on your network.

When shopping for a router, look for a label on the box that says the router supports the “802.11n” standard with “WPA2″ security to get the best performance in your home. If you plan to do things like stream movies or share large files with a NAS, network attached storage, look for a dual band router.

Dual band routers are also helpful if you live in a crowded apartment building. If you live in a house and just want to check email and sports scores from your bedroom, a single band router will work just fine.

Once you plug in your new router, you’ll need to use a computer with a web browser to go to or a similar address specified on the box to set things up. Make sure you turn on WPA2 security so random passersby can’t gain entry to your network. You can always return to if you need to make changes to your router.

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